loves to run in 5k's, half marathons,
after the former Superintendent, and from his responsibilities
as a Member of the West Covina School Board  - Quits 12/31/2014

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Steve Cox quits School Board to spend time with family?
Is this a ploy to run for City Council?
You cannot believe anything Steve Cox tells you!

The following page informs the public of Steve Cox's position on topics such as Terminating the Superintendent, the Pledge at Board Meetings, student safetyJustifying Decisions to Spouse, Maintenance Funding, how Rap Music improves learning, Budget Plan, his Time on the Board, Pride in the District, Fees Paid by Vendors, and Examining District Issues so the public can make an Informed Decision on November 8, 2011

Additional Steve Cox Comments:
District Needs, Cox Math, Budget Training, Ethical Standards,
Taking Responsibility, New Name for fellow board member,
Threatening students with arrest, and Calling Supporters

"...unilaterally and without cause..." 

Steve Cox reported out of closed session on a 3 to 2 vote the school board decided "unilaterally and without cause" to terminate the successful Superintendent Lilliam Leis-Castillo.  At a minimum this, unnecessarily, will add close to $400,000 to the budget
 deficit.  All three board members voting to terminate did not have cause to terminate and refuse to give any reason.  Previous evaluations - "She walks on water."

This November say, Cox we the voters "unilaterally and WITH cause" terminate you.


It is not on the Agenda - Will Cox Ever Learn

According to Steve Cox, if is not on the agenda, he does not do it (March 28 Special Board Meeting, 43 seconds into the meeting).  What do you think of the President, West Covina School Board not saying the pledge?  Now, it may have slipped his mind.  That happens.  Unfortunately, for Steve Cox, a member of
the audience asked about the pledge and a fellow board member asked about the pledge.  In response, Cox stated, “It’s not on the agenda.”

On April 12, 2011 a 40 years resident of West Covina and a decorated Vietnam Veteran asked Steve Cox to apologize for not saying the pledge at the above board meeting.  This veteran had attended the previous board meeting.  Steve Cox refused!  This shows his disrespect for this hero, all veterans, and our country.

At the June 8, 2011 Special Meeting, Cox, once again missed saying the Pledge.  He was reminded by a member of the audience, still skipped it, until a fellow board member brought it up again.  Cox response - "If we must."  The board member said in reply "I did not know saying the Pledge was such a bother for you."

This November say, “Cox Is Not on the Agendaand relieve his burden of saying the Pledge.

Cox deciding vote on 3-2 decision not to pay $50,000 for Police 

Steve Cox reported has let it be known that safety of students in our school is not a priority.  The priorities of Steve Cox - give EdisonLearning millions of dollars, free use of a $16,000,000 campus, and other free servces, but he will not spend $50,000 to continue the successful police program at West Covina High School.

This November say, the voters will tell Cox "You are not a priority" as they elect others.

"How do I justify to my wife I gave you a (payraise)?"

The voters elected Steve Cox to make decisions as a member of the school board, yet he is worried how his wife is going to react when Cox must make a decision as a member of the school board related to the Superintendent.  Does Mrs. Cox make the decisions or was Mrs. Cox aware of something else going on?

This November say, "Cox, you will not need to jutify anything any longer!"

"We get school maintenance money through ADA funding"

Steve Cox statement justifying vote not to charge EdisonLearning rent on $16,000,000 school facility and agreeing to make the school district pay for maintenance.  The one part Cox did not tell the public - the ADA funding goes to EdisonLearning, thus every other school and student in the district pays, while Edison gets the money.

Steve Cox is an investment advisor and CPA.  We can only hope he gives his clients better advise than he gives the school district and our residents as their elected representative.

This November say, "Cox, you have had 17 years, no more learning on our time!"

Let Them Listen to Rap Music

In 2004, Steve Cox presented his plan to improve education at West Covina High School.  Put students who do not want to learn in the cafeteria to listen to rap music.

Is the best you can do as a leader in our community?

This November, voters give Cox more time to listen to Rap Music

2011 Budget Edition

Fast forward to 2011.
  The school district looks to Steve Cox, CPA and Investment Advisor for leadership on the budget issues faced.  Steve Cox, after the meeting in which his only idea was “DRACONIAN CUTS” runs up to a community member demanding this individual tell Cox how to solve the budget problems (March 28, 2011).

Steve Cox, when will you show some leadership?  You are the elected official.  If you do not have any ideas, resign!

Enough is Enough – Elect a Person Who Will Do More than Take Up Space this November!!

When will looking stop?

In 2007, the San Gabriel Valley Tribune endorsed Steve Cox for re-election. 
”Steve Cox, on the board since 1993, is an experienced observer who is looking the district's problems squarely in the eye” (SGV Tribune November 2007).  We are now in 2011 – When will Cox stop looking and start acting?

he public must act – give Cox Tuesday Nights off this November!

1992, 1993, 1994?

Steve Cox claims 1992 when he started on the school board per his biography. “Serving as a member of the West Covina Board of Education since 1992…” (As of April 4, 2011).  The Tribune says since 1993.  Why would a newspaper get it right?  The Los Angeles County Registrar June 28, 1994.  The date of the special election held in West Covina.

Why would Cox understand numbers and dates?  Cox is a CPA and Investment Advisor, thus he never uses numbers and dates.

This November we have your number – No More Votes!

Why not all years?

Do you find it strange, a member of the school board since 1992 (as Cox claims) is proud of the district’s accomplishments over 13 years.  ”Mr. Cox is very proud of the accomplishments of our staff and students over the last 13 years.”
 Since Cox has been on the school board for anywhere between 17 and 19 years, depending on the correct date.  Cox, tell us which years you are not proud?

Tell Cox you are not proud – Cox Out in November

Wants to reduce fee by two-thirds, drive budget deficit higher

Steve Cox has stated at meetings in March/April EdisonLearning pays the district too much money and the district must reduce the fee for the use of the school, services, and management from 3% to 1%.  EdisonLearning is a "for-profit" corporation located in New York City.

This November, tell Cox he can have the New York City vote, but none from West Covina

In majority, finances down

Steve Cox was in the majority from 1994 to 2005.  During that time, the school district cut personnel, cut programs, faced labor issues, and just had a whole host of problems. 

From 2005 to 2009, Cox out of the majority the district sees reserves grow $20,000,000, open two schools, see enrollment increase, and no budget issues.  Maybe these are the years he is not proud (See Proud of West Covina for 13 years).

Cox back in the majority, since 2009, reserves drop $6,000,000 and the district has labor issues, faces lay-offs, school closings, etc.

Let’s not take the risk this November – No More Cox



Agrees with Another Candidate for School Board

Steve Cox, an almost 20 year School Board Member, is a CPA and Financial Advisor, yet he is stuck on how to resolve the budget issues.  Cox never saw budget issues coming.  Cox has stooped to plagiarizing the comments and theme of another candidate. 

The school district expells students for plagiarizing.

This November, expel Cox from office

 $7,600,000 IS LESS THAN $7,200,000
Reduce fee paid to WCUSD for school & services by $400,000 per year

Steve Cox, a CPA and Financial Advisor, believes the way to reduce the budget shortfall of $7,200,000 - reduce vendor payments made by EdisonLearning to the school district by $400,000 per year.   

Steve Cox thinks reducing income to the district by $400,000 reduces the budget shortall??  $7,200,000 plus $400,000 equals $7,600,000 is reducing the shortfall?

This November, send Cox to math class, not back to office

After 16 years on the School Board - I do not understand budget

As the new board president, Steve Cox asks the Superintendent to "agendize" budget training for the entire board.  No other board member asks for the training.

Cox needs more training on school district budget!?

This November, no more on the job training - this is enough

An honest admission or slip of the tongue?

At a board meeting when asked about his ethics, Cox responded that he leaves his ethical standards at the door of the school board room.

Can he tell us what ethical, social, or moral standards used as an elected official?

This November, relieve Cox of any ethical dilemma

Cox loses pretend girl friend, now he calls Mike Spence "My Sex"

Steve Cox is so lost without "his" Superintendent" that he developed the new pet name for fellow board member Mike Spence "My Sex."

This November, relieve Cox of his torment, elect new board members

Cox tells students chanting "We Want Lily" at Board Meeting

Steve Cox threatens students, who support Lilliam Leis-Castillo, with arrest after break and chanting had stopped.

This November, let's all chant 'WE DON'T WANT COX!"

Blame others for his lack of leadership

When Cox erronously reported a campaign donation made by a client as income, Cox blamed a clerical error.  When he failed to say the Pledge after 17 years on the board he blamed a clerical error.

Cox refuses to take responsibility for his action - blaming others.

This November, let Cox blame the public for not voting for him

Cox trying to intimidate supports of other candidates

As Cox sees his support in the public rapidly decline, Cox has started to call people supporting other candidates, demanding to know why they not supporting him.

All Cox has to do is examine his record.  That alone will give him the answer as to why he is losing support. 

This November, give Cox more phone time by electing others

Congratulations, you are the 

 person to become an informed voter.

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